“There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.”
Luke 10:42 NLT

We Christians are talented artists, professionals, business-persons, dutiful sons, daughters, spouses, parents and friends. We work hard for the money and dispatch our ministry duties with all the diligence our little bodies can muster. We are Marthas (and Martins), trying to always do the right thing. But could it be that the very “right things” we focus so hard on are distracting us from assuming the posture God longs for us to take?

Gospel artist Jonathan McReynolds, writer of a popular gospel song entitled, “Make Room” admitted in an interview that he has found himself busy ministering but at times too busy to listen for the Voice of God. He admitted to not spending time in God’s Word for personal growth, but only consulting scripture when he needed to prove a point or defend the Faith. (anyone else? Yeah, that’s me too! 😪🙋🏾‍♀️) (See christianpost.com/news/jonathan-mcreynolds-opens-up)

Doesn’t God want more from us on a personal level? That’s what Jesus told dutiful Martha in verses 41-42. We must intentionally carve out private time and space to listen to the Voice of God just like Mary did in this account, sitting at the Feet of Jesus despite the busy-ness around her. He examines our intent with a holy microscope, so we cannot hide! And ultimately, there is nothing in this world like His loving conviction, His guidance, His PEACE that makes no earthly sense. Jesus promised, NO ONE can take that blessing away from us (v. 42).

Prayer: Father, we Praise You for You are Holy. Please forgive us for twisting our priorities. We promise, Jesus to MAKE ROOM, sit at Your Feet and welcome Your Holy Spirit into EVERY crevice of our lives! Amen!

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