It is a pleasure to share thoughts from a good friend of mine, Rev. Vickie Hughes on the blessings of God’s detours…

Are YOU that “Woman at the Well?”
John 4:4-42

In this Biblical narrative… Jesus was teaching, imparting His wisdom on a woman who wasn’t as accepted as others, because of her ethnicity. Now, this woman had two choices at that time, similar to the choices that Mary and Martha (two other Biblical women) had to make back then. Any of these women could have learned from Jesus; two of the three women actually took the time to listen intently to Jesus. Martha, on the other hand, chose to continue to engage in her own busyness, because that was all she knew. She was in her own world, focused on making herself look good to please Jesus. That wasn’t what Jesus required of her, so she missed it; “it” was the wisdom that she could have gained from Jesus.

How many of us travel through life with our own agendas, planning out our lives without God’s guidance and approval? Then we wonder why our plans don’t work out. What we want matters NOT. God already has each of our lives mapped out leading us through our destinies. We are the ones who seem to ENJOY taking detours. That is not God’s will for our lives. We delay our own blessings and destinies!

Trust me when I tell you that I’m writing from experience. I spent my entire adult life chasing my own career aspirations and dreams, until I started Seminary studies at age 51. I’d been called into Ministry late in life and even did THAT “my” way (at least for awhile, until God stopped me dead in my tracks and had a heart-to-heart talk with me)! Before truly heeding to God’s call, I never really thought about asking God for guidance or listening to His voice, before I pursued something else, moved to another place, or got involved with another romantic love interest. I’ve lived in 8 States since graduating from high school, have 3 POSTgraduate Degrees, have worked in different industries, and have some superficial involvements with friends/acquaintances all over this Country… Need I say anything more? You get it! Wholesome living? Hmmm…

So much heartache, frustration, and pain could have been avoided, if only I’d allowed Jesus to detain me at that well and teach me YEARS before I actually “got” it. That Biblical woman at the well, the Samaritan woman, may have felt unworthy to be in Jesus’s presence initially, but she quickly discerned that she was supposed to be at that spot at that very moment. She chose to not miss her blessing!

I encourage you to slow down and listen for/to God’s voice. If you stay silent and quiet enough for LONG enough, you WILL hear God’s voice. And I’m a living witness that God won’t steer you wrong, if you actually listen to Him. He will give You the same “living water” that He offered the woman at the well millenniums ago. Thirst for it! It assures you God’s protection here on earth and an eternal place in heaven.
Living water GIVES US life.

Rev. Vickie L. Hughes
(An Ordained Deacon, AME Zion, who is currently serving as a Chaplain Resident at UT Medical Center in Knoxville, TN.)

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